Sign up for our women's retreat at Lakeview Camp and Retreat on October 14th-15th. Look at the frequently asked questions to get the scoop and all the info you need!
How much does the retreat cost?
Cost for the retreat is $150 if you register before September 9th with the coupon code: Rockwall_Section
If you register after September 9th or after, the price increases to $170. Prices vary if you want to come only on Friday or only on Saturday.

How do I view other prices and pay for the retreat?
Click here to register and pay.

How can I be sure to be placed in the same cabin with everyone else?
BE SURE to type out our church name in full (Freedom Place Church) to be guaranteed a bunk in our cabin.

When does the retreat begin?
Check-in will open at 4:00 PM. The NTD Merch store will open at 5:00 PM (WOOHOO!), and we will begin the first service at 7:00 PM. Come ready to worship!

Will there be carpooling?
Feel free to carpool with your TLC friends!

Do I need to bring bedding?
Yes. We will be staying in a cabin. Bring bedding and towels!

Are meals included?
Meals include breakfast and lunch on Saturday, October 15th.

Are their food choices nearby?
Yes! Waxahachie, TX is located 10 miles away and has a lot of great food options.

Will there be Spanish interpreters?
There will be Spanish interpreters at Pursuit.

Can children attend?
Because this is not an environment conducive for children, we suggest that other arrangements be made for childcare. Nursing babies are welcome, but we have no ability to provide a nursing mother's room.

Can teens attend?
Teenagers are welcome to attend if their parent/guardian is also attending.

What's the dresscode?

I want to attend Pursuit but I can't afford to pay for the retreat. What do I do?
Contact Pastor April (214)-564-0559