What is careportal and how is fpc involved?

Since launching in 2015, CarePortal has done for child welfare what other tech platforms have successfully done to disrupt entire industries. Just as ride-sharing and home-sharing services have unlocked value and connection in places where it didn’t exist before, CarePortal enables care-sharing: a method of collaboration that empowers people to share the responsibility of caring for people in need. Right now, in real-time.

Real, systemic change is occurRing in communities to reverse our nation’s foster care crisis as a result of the meaningful connections formed through CarePortal. Not through more programs. Not through more taxes. But through connection among a pre-existing network of caring people and local churches engaging in cross-sector collaboration, working together to facilitate local, proactive, and effective care for kids.

how it works:

step 1 

A child or family in need requires help from a child-serving professional.

Step 2

The child-serving professional vets and types needs into CarePortal.

Step 3

CarePortal alerts nearby churches and community members to needs.

Step 4

Churches and community members partner to ensure that the child and family is helped.

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