"The most valuable resource on this journey  converting from victim to SURVIVOR!"


Stronger Women is a class designed for survivors and victims of domestic violence & other forms of abuse, led by a Certified Facilitator to promote healing and restoration.

Stronger Women is a foundational program that brings life-changing, restorative small group healing experiences that connect people with God, their church and their purpose.  

Stronger Women will meet weekly at Freedom Place Church at 6:30pm-8:30pm. Free childcare is available - please contact us to let us know if you need childcare. The class is 12 weeks.

Class Facilitator: Kim Thiehoff
(469) 583-3901
Workbooks for the class are $30 which can be purchased online.


Why Should I Go to "Stronger women" Small Groups?

Survivors of abuse and violence are all around us but often hide out of fear and shame.  Abusive experiences leave wounds lasting decades after the trauma of abuse is over. Even though survivors often move on, they are left overwhelmed by shame, fear, low self-esteem and powerlessness.
Every Stronger session is written for survivors by survivors. This insight is an integral piece to understanding the survivor’s journey from hurt to healing through restorative and prevention programs. Small group offer an opportunity for women to access support and fellowship in a safe setting.

Stronger WOMEN Graduate Testimonials:

Participants gain:
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Renewed thought patterns
  • Develop healthier coping mechanisms
  • Improve resilience
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Establish healthier boundaries
  • Communication skills
  • Tools to have healthier relationships
“I am more beautiful than my reflection!”
”My smile is back!”
”I have courage!”
”I am a good parent.”
”The sparkle in my eye is back.”
”I am learning to set healthy boundaries.”

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Survivors connect in a small group to begin their healing from abuse and provide support for each other. Survivors heal alongside each other, share stories of strength, trauma, resilience and pain.  

Class topics:

  • Identify emotions and triggers
  • Develop new coping skills
  • Set healthy boundaries
  • Maintain positive self esteem
  • Learn how to develop healthy relationships
  • Positive self-talk
  • Healthy family skills
  • Gain confidence
  • Explore life purpose 
  • Focus on overall well-being

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