Dr. Brooke Jones: My Journey in Overcoming Domestic Violence - Pt. I

Aug 29, 2022    Dr. Brooke Jones, Pastor Kason Huddleston

#4: On today's podcast, we listened to Dr. Brooke Jones share her story of overcoming domestic abuse. Dr. Brooke is a national and international speaker on topics of global oppression of women, domestic & gender- based violence and human trafficking. Brooke is wife to Rick, mom of two young kids, and is a two-decade survivor of domestic violence and aggravated stalking.

Rewind to Brooke as a young woman - from the outside, her life was picture-perfect. She had the perfect husband, the perfect career, the perfect house, the perfect life. Little did anyone know that Brooke was a victim of physical, mental, and emotional abuse on a daily basis at her husband's hand. Dr. Brooke didn't let her tragedy define her. She fought to gain her freedom back. Miraculously, God has turned her story into a story of redemption and healing.

Years later, Dr. Brooke went on to earn her Bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship, her Master’s degree in Education, and in 2016 received an Honorary Doctorate degree in Theology to recognize her contribution and impact through the Stronger Women programs. She is the founder and CEO of "Stronger Women," a faith-based curriculum and program dedicated to helping women find true freedom from domestic violence. Find more information about Stronger Women at www.strongerwomen.com.

Dr. Brooke will be a guest speaker at our domestic violence awareness conference "Purple" on Saturday, October 8th. Learn more about the Purple Conference at www.freedomplace.tv