"Sanctity of Life" with Aniela Chis

Jan 25, 2023    Aniela Chis, Pastor Kason Huddleston

#14: Aniela Chis, who works for Human Coalition, discusses the significance of the recently overturned case of Roe vs. Wade. January is an important month for Christians and the pro-life movement: it's the month that the March for Life parade takes place in D.C. and it is also known as "Sanctity of Life" month. Aniela's testimony is powerful - she explains how the abortion she had at age 17 impacted her life forever. God turned her seemingly "mess" into an impactful message that now equips her to help reach women considering abortions. Aniela now works for Human Coalition, a non-profit organization whose goal is to make abortion unnecessary and unthinkable. Their mission is to rescue pre-born babies from abortion by helping moms in crisis pregnancy. This past year, Human Coalition rescued 25,000 babies! Another important topic that Aniela brings up is church involvement within the pro-life movement and its responsibility in the healing process of post-abortive women and even men who are involved. Take a listen to learn more about this extremely important topic!

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(469) 478-0166


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